It is comon knowledge, that the lift system for the pick-up cartridge on the Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4002 and 4004 from the 70s causes problems when these wonderful turntables gets older. The usual problem is, that the pick-up will not go down towards the record when you press play. It only goes to the begnning of the record and stops there without lowering the cartridge.

Most forums on the internet blames the damper cylinder in the lift system and tells people to clean it for old dry silicon fluid and put in some new fluid.

However, I found out, that a little shaft underneath the cyliinder dries out as well, which causes the arm to move much to tight up and down.

Click on picture for full size....

You can see the upper tip of the shaft on the picture above. Click on the picture for higher resolution. 

The damper mentioned above is the brass cylnder just above the shaft. 

The circlip on top of the shaft is pressed on from the top, not in a slit from the side. Also release the 2 springs from the arm.  When the circlip is free and the arm is released, the shaft and its hole in the arm must of course be cleaned for old dried grease. The arm can be quite stuck on the shaft so you might have to pry it up and down carefully to get it lose. I cleaned it with benzine. Remember to put the springs AND the arm from the electromagnet back in place when assembling it all again and give the nice clean shaft a little drop of oil.

I have 3 different models of the Beogram 4002 and 4004 and the they ALL had the same lift problem, and it was was solved in this way on all of them. I didnīt clean the damper cylinder.

Good luck....




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