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Welcome at TaxaFinns PHILIPS MUSEUM.

The collection consists mostly of Philips-products from the period between 1970 and 1975.

If you click on the pictures to the left or right, youīll see pages with a little technical information and pictures of most of  the products in the collection. Put the pointer over the pictures and you can read about the contents of the galleries before you enter.

 Thereīs galleries with several Philips catalogues from 1963, 1971, 1973, 19741976  and 1979 (in danish only, sorry!). All catalogues are reproduced with kind permission from Philips Radio Danmark A/S. Thereīs an article from a leading danish newspaper about this collection and my story about growing up with stereo in the late 60īs and early 70īs in Denmark. Thereīs also a little gallery of Additional Pictures send to me by kind users of these pages and my own pictures which did not fit into the other galleries. Thereīs also a new 2008 gallery from my own collection.. 

If you want to read about the latest news from this museum, click the NEWS-button at the top right.

 Products from some other manufacturers than Philips have managed to sneak into the collection during the years, but this has only been allowed if the specific product was either quite rare, or I just found it worth to look at! Some of the none-Philips products are simply there, because I owned them myself as a youngster back in the 70īs, and I therefore have a little nostalgic feeling about them or just simply couldnīt help buying them at the fleamarket or whereever I dig these things up. Isnīt that what a museum is all about?

I have a few items older than the 70's in my collection, including two danish Arena-receivers from the mid-sixties and a Tandberg 62X reel-to-reel taperecorder from 1966. There are also a couple of new misfits in the collection, a CD-player from ADC from around 1986 and a rare Philips Linear Tracking Turntable from the late 80īs. 

Since the collection is located in my spare bedroom here in Copenhagen, Denmark, Iīm sad to say that visting the museum is not possible. But feel free to visit it here at the web, thereīs no entrance fee, no annoying currator and you can take all of the products with you when you leave - just right-click and save all that you want..........

 WANTED: If you own any Philips-brochures or catalogues from the period between 1970 and 1975 which you donīt know what do to with, consider to donate them to this museum.You can send me an E-Mail HERE. Of course if you have a scanning of any brohures Iīd love that as well.


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Tape Decks

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The Speakers

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Additional Pictures

Hereīs an article about this site in the danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet from 2001 (in danish...)

My little article about growing up with STEREO in the 60īs and 70īs - click here for both the danish and the english version

An article about the annual danish yearbook "HiFi Årbogen", published between 1973 and 1979

Lots of good old Philips-catalogues, manuals and folders from the 1970īs

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