Of course thereīs some old stuff, that I still havenīt been able to find for my collection, even though I have found almost all the things I wanted when I started collecting vintage Philips-audio from the 1970īs, some 15 years ago. The ongoing discussion with my wife about how many radios we really need is of less concern at this place! One day she will understand........

Below is a list of models which would still look good on my shelves. I know that most of the stuff can be found at E-Bay and other similar often very expensive places, where the prices donīt always match the value of the item. So please donīt mail me if youīre one of those who are only in this "business" to make money. Because Iīm not! I collect because I love those old things and like to look at them. And I can see at the modest prices that I pay for the things at fleamarkets or add-papers, that these things are still far from antiques. What Iīm trying to say is, that I donīt mind paying a modest price for getting new items in the collection.

Please note, that this little museum is a non-profiteable thing, so donations will also be very welcome, many kind people have already donated items for the collection. Being a cabdriver in the Copenhagen-area, I will be happy to pick up items here. I have a collector-mate in the UK, so if youīre located in the London area, donations can be made there as well. But please take note, that only Philips audio-items from the 1970īs are of interest. Other people (see the links-page) take care of the older stuff!

You can send an E-Mail here.


Hereīs my Most Wanted-list:





Philips Scan 90 (also called 790) HiFi-receiver (late 60īs to 1971)
Pre-recorded DCC-cassettes with pop or rock music (1993 to 2000)
ITT 4025 speakers from (1972 to 1975)
Akai 4000DS Mk.II reel-to-reel tapedeck (1974 to 1976)
Sony 765 reel-to-reel tapedeck (1976 to 1979)
Tandberg 64X tapedeck (mid 60īs)
Technics SU8080 amplifier (1977-1978) - the one I already have is defective
B&O MMC-Pickup (MMC 4000, MMC 20EN or MMC 20CL) for my Beogram 4002 (1972-1978)
And the almost most wanted stuff of it all: Old catalogues and brochures from Philips from 1970 to 1975


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