I have updated the Inventory.



Made a little article about repairing the lift system on the good old Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4002 and 4004.



The complete danish (64 pages) Philips TV and Radio catalogue from 1963/64 plus some various Philips-folders from the 70s and 80s is now on the catalogue-page.


APRIL 2009

Have updated the links-page a bit - especially take notice of the Wegavision-link, which contains TONS of old brochures and folders from those wonderful 1970s. Have also added the danish 1972 Philips Turntable catalogue.



The full story of the danish radio and television company "Arena" is now ready. Sadly, only in danish, but if anybody can find time to translate it to english, be my guest. If not, I will do it myself one day....


MARCH 2008

I'M STILL ALIVE (and kicking a few scratching buttons)!

Have added more manuals, now also for the 712 reciver and the 701 receiver, the Akai 4000DS MKII tape deck and the legendary short wave radio L6X38T. I have also updated the inventory, a few items have left the building and a few have been added during those 3 years since my last surfacing here on the page. The catalogues-page have been moved from the commercial Geocities add-hell to my own add-free server here in Denmark.

Not much new is happening on my shelfes, I'm getting kind of tired of the fleamarkets now, the prices are sky high and the items are hard to find now. But who cares, I've the most of what I want in the collection so I put my attention on enjoying that. Iīve had a fortnight of from work in my cab, since it has been in the garage for repair. That have given me some wonderful days at home alone without noizy teenagers and interfering wives. So I have had time to reconnect most of the stuff in the collection and throwing out a few that didnīt work. Itīs too expensive to have them repaired, and Iīll probably find them again one happy day in a fleamarket somewehere.

The sad thing is, that some of the receivers, especially the Bang and Olufsen-ones, have started scratching in the pots and buttons. Iīve had them all for about many years now and this has been an increasing problem through the years. I have of course cleaned them with varios types of contact cleaner and even tried to blow them clean with high pressured air after the contact cleaner was sprayed in. Seems it only helps for a few weeks, then the scratching re-appears. 

Especially the Beomasters are a pain in a lower body part. They are almost useless, since all of the bottons are almost impossible to get connection with. If Iīm lucky thereīs sound in one channel at the time. Very annoying, must say that the japanese receivers are much better there, only a little scratching there, and it goes away after a bit of exercising. Fortunately, the Philips-receivers are not that bad, they all work quite fine, taken their age into mind.

Iīve also become a (very little) bit unfaithful to my time period, since Iīve added the first three Philips CD-players to the collection. Must say, that it does sound someway better with them as a sound source than the good old record players from those great erarly 70's. And without being too "old", they are onl7 some 6-7 years newer than the "original" early 70's stuff on the shelves. Says the man who still feels 18 but is a bit - a very little bit - older than that....

Iīve created a new little homepage about growing up in the 70's here in Denmark, but itīs only in danish. Many nice pictures, though!

Finally I have moved the Additional Pictures-page (as the last of them all) from Geocities to my own server, add-free now and I have also made a brand new gallery with a lot of nightshots.

See you in a few years time again.......


MARCH 2005

Have added a danish manual for the 2510 HiFi-cassette and an english one for the 720-receiver.

Found myself an ITT3500-receiver last month, doesnīt work that well though, plays extremely low in both channels and the tunersection doesnīt work either. Looks nice though. Paid less than for it than the lunch we had at the market the same day, so no harm done.

My mate Peter in the UK has supplied me with a Philips CD104, that Iīve been looking for for many years. Thanks again, mate! It was the first CD I ever owned and it weighs a ton! To be accurate it weighs 5.5 kilos, but it feels like a ton, compared to those plastic lunchboxes we buy nowadays. This was before Philips put their eyes the plasticbases for CDīs. 

In the same delivery Peter got me the 591/691 amplifier/tunerset from around. Had never seen them for real, and the look swell on the shelve!



Sorry about the lack of information on this page during the last part of 2004, but the taxi-business has been quite busy. And I have been lazy......

But I have whatsoever found time to play a little with my playingtoys even so! Have rebuild the museum to get more shelves. That way I found space for a special department for only Philips-stuff, really needed that. Will upload pictures soon.

A good friend of mine donated a beautiful Pioneer SX850-receiver from 1978, plays superb - even the FM stereoindicator works! Got another donation from a nice gentleman in the other end of Denmark, who was so kind as to give me - amongst others - a Philips 752-receiver from 1977. Being a bit too plasticlike for woodloving me, this item is now on itīs way to my best mate Peter in the UK. He is those 4 years younger than me, and therefore accepts plastic a bit (only a bit) better.......

In the same donation there was a superb Philips CD304 MKII CD-player from 1986, one of the last "heavyweighters" to be build. And the first with a remote. That one now sits beside the CD100 and the CD104 in the Philips department of my shelfes..

Also found myself a Sony Betamax C7 VCR from 1979, have of course connected it the the Sony KV1301 13" Colour-TV from 1968.

And at last - but surely not at least - I found a Sony ElCaset 5! Had been looking for an ElCaset for many years. No tapes though of course, but my mate Jørgen had a few tapes left over I could lay my hands on, so the bastard is up and running, in very fine condition too, I must say.

I have now - FINALLY - (sorry) managed to put out some pictures to the "additional pictures"-page.

And a Happy New Year to you all!


JULY 2004

From Bob van Apeldoorn in The Hague, Holland, I have received some great information about the Aristona-brand and itīs history, you can read it HERE. I am still looking for information about the swedish Dux-brand.



JUNE 2004

Iīve made a little page about the danish "HiFi Årbogen", an annual yearbook of HiFi in the 70īs. Also put down a few words about collecting Stereo and HiFi-stuff.

My mate Peter in Oxford send me packet of various belts for my turntables and cassettes, thus giving life to both my beautiful Philips 212 Electronic turntable and the just as beautiful Philips 4510 reel-to-reel tapedeck. Both of those classic Philips-beauties have been lifeless for several years and I havenīt been able to find those belts anywhere. But Peter managed it, and he already knows how glad he made me! Thanks again, mate!

Found 2 pairs of Band & Olufsen speakers at a market last week, a set of Beovox 5700 and a set of Beovox 4703, both being from the early 70īs and fully functional! Got them all for Ģ10, with a few scratches and brushes, but all units were working. Had the 5700īs connected to my quadrofonic Beomaster 6000 for a couple of hours before both sets of speakers had to (temporarely!) be stored at my small remote stock.

Also found a Bang & Olufsen Beolit 505 portable radio from around 1972, which looked like it had not been cleaned for 30 years, with paint on it and several milimeters of dust and dirt all over it. But it worked, and I managed to clean it up to look almost like new again, (thatīs the best part, you know...).

Check out the Various Pics-page to see some pictures of these and some of my other new acquisitions.


APRIL 2004

Added the complete Philips Television catalogue from 1979, which I was lucky to get from the owner of Bøjes Radio at Nordens Plads on Frederiksberg, here in Copenhagen. He had already heard of this site and simply had the catalogue in his drawer, as if he had waited for me to drop in one day! What a nice bloke!

Bought a Pioneer SX434 receiver from 1975 on a fleamarket, looks like a new one - will find room for it on the shelves someway. Somehow! 

Also found another Sony KV1310E 13" colour-TV from 1968. Have one already, with a very lousy picture on it. This new oneīs got a better picture. But is still 36 years old, and that shows. I dreamed of that TV when I was a kid, such a little 13" wonderthing would be perfect in my room as a teenager in those lovely 70īs. But my parents wouldnīt buy me one! No wonder though, since it cost around 7000 kroner then.

MARCH 2004

Iīve made a page with a small list of items "Most Wanted" in my collection.

Added a great English homepage of vintage televisions to the Links-page.

The Beogram 4002 mentioned below is now (almost) up and running. The MMC 4000 pickup only plays in the right channel, but by using the pickup from my other 4002 I know the turntable works in both channels. There are minor problems with the electronic tonearms quite complicated mecanical control system, but all in all the bastard runs. For now. Funny thing is, that these two Beogram 4002 are totally different inside, the mainboards are different and there are two totally different motors in them. Even the powersupplies are different.

MARCH 2004

My mate Peter from Oxford, UK, has just - unrequested - supplied me with the long needed lightbulbs for my 720-receiver. It now stands fully illuminated (after many years in darkness) on its shelve. Thanks again to Peter for supplying the lights, and for André in Holland for the kind offer to do the same.

Found the blackfronted B&O Beomaster 4000 ambiophonic receiver from 1974 on a fleamarket. It works perfectly, but needed a real heavy cleaning before taken into use. It now stands on the shelve beside its smaller twinbrother, the silverfronted Beomaster 3000-2.

Found a B&O Beogram 4002 on a fleamarket. I have one already, but the powersupply in it is dead. The new one I found is in looks very bad but works mecanically. The sound output is very low, but that doesnīt matter, since Iīm of course planning to take the power supply out and put it in the old one. Will just try and find out why the power supply went dead in the first place, before I put the other one in. Watch this place for the thrilling result!


Iīve started to make a list of all Philips stereo and stereo/HiFi products made between 1970 and 1975.


My new friend André from Holland has offered to buy me some very rare lamps for the 720-receiver in a shop near him and send them to me. Iīm very excited about that, since this beauty of my collection has been living in total darkness for over 10 years. The lamps for the scale and meters are impossible to find here in Denmark. And since Iīm an old fashioned jerk who doesnīt (yet) buy stuff over the internet, I havenīt been able to get these lamps for years. One day Iīll have to get myself an international creditcard.............


Found a Philips CD100 CD-player on a fleamarket, been looking for it for years. And it works! This was the first CD-player Philips ever build, and itīs build of solid metal, weighs over 5 kilos! (Newer CDīs weighs around 2.5 kilos).


Moved the entire collection from our master bedroom to a spare bedroom. Now I can close my door and enjoy all the magic lights  in the dark and play all the 70īs LPīs I want without being disrupted untimely by the Madam! And can now stack all the stuff even higher without various complaints from the same Madam.


   Iīve made a Complete inventory for my entire collection, also a new page with Links. Iīve added some Additional Pictures which didnīt fit in to any of the other galleries and Iīve finally took time to translate my little "lifestory" My Life In Stereo in to English.


A non-Philips item once again slipped into my collection: Found a quite rare Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 6000 quadrofonic receiver from 1974 on a fleamarket. Had to own it, the remote was missing though, but who cares - and the bastard works!

AUGUST 2003:

A very kind user of these pages gave me a Philips HiFi/Stereo Catalogue from 1976 which Iīve scanned (again with kind permission of Philips Radio Danmark A/S) and put on the site.